Suzanne Bergne

Suzanne studied Philosophy, English Literature and Media Studies at Munich and Vienna universities.  She married a British Diplomat, had 2 children, and lived and worked for 35 years in the Middle and Far East. During that time she trained and worked as an artist potter and exhibited in Europe and Japan.

In 2006 she qualified as a Jungian Psychotherapist with the Guild of Analytical Psychologists, where she continues to work as a Case-supervisor and Seminar Leader.  She has a private practice near Stow on the Wold and in Chelsea, London.

Suzanne is also an Advanced Candidate with the British Irish Sandplay Society. In the past she served as a Trustee with the Substance Misuse Services, Gloucestershire.

As a trustee of G.A.P. she feels that her international perspective, which is firmly based on a spiritual attitude to life, will prove helpful to the organisation as it continues to evolve.

Anneke Loubser

After reading 'Jung for Dummies' in 2001 Anneke has been fascinated by Jung's work and the concept of the unconscious.  Through various twists and turns - many psychosomatic - she landed with an analyst in South Africa in 2005 before relocating to the UK.  She found the work so beneficial and eye-opening that she re-entered analysis in 2007 until 2014.  During this time she read as many books as she could written by analysts but took a break from analysis in 2014 to integrate and process her experiences.  She re-entered analysis again in 2018 and, intrigued by the journey of the soul through aspects of symbol, myth abd fairy tale, she wised to learn and explore more in this area so in 2018-2019 she undertook the G.A.P. Foundation Course in Oxford.  She continues to explore the role of the unconscious in dispute resolution, organisational psychology and coaching dynamics.

Geoffrey Matthews

Geoffrey's professional experience over the last 25 years has been almost exclusively in management positions in not for profit organisations.  He is currently Secretary of the Chelsea Arts Club in which role he acts as the interface between the Club's 4,000 members and the Trustees and Council of the Club, as well as acting as Chief Executive of the Trading Company which operates the Club on the Members' behalf.  During his life he has occupied a wide variety of pro bono, non-executive positions in organisations like St. Charles' Sixth Form College, the London Library and Battersea Arts Centre.  He is currently a member of the Governance Committee of the Mercers' Charitable Foundation; on the Council of Gresham College; on the arts committee of the Mercers Company and the MCC; and a director of National Theatre Enterprises Ltd.

Guislaine Vincent Morland

A reading of Jung over a period of ten years led to Guislaine’s training with The Guild, becoming a Member in 2007.  Guislaine Vincent Morland, part of a family of artists and writers both academic and literary, was born in Manhattan and brought up in South America, North America, and Europe.  Guislaine has written feature articles for various national newspapers and magazines, published fiction and non-fiction, and draws and sculpts on the side.

Guislaine considers her grandfather, Elton Mayo, social scientist and industrial psychologist, and a great-aunt, Ursula McConnel, one of the first women to be trained in anthropology in Australia, part of an ancestral influence at work on her which Jung considered to be profound. She feels there is a task in all of us to pass on such passion for the individuating spirit.

Guislaine recently published an illustrated fable with a brief memoir of its happening, titled 'No Name, To Be A Witch Is Not  A Willed Thing'.

Guislaine also attended two Summer Intensive Courses at the CG Jung Institue in Kusnacht, trained with Marion Woodman attending four years of her Leadership Program retreats in the UK, and has served the Guild on the Training Committee, as a Seminar Leader, and the support of students in the writing of essays. Guislaine has a bi-lingual private practice in Central London (French/English).

(Marie) Gabriel Robin (Chair)

Gabriel studied Modern and Medieval Languages in the University of Cambridge and obtained a Diploma in Religious Education at the Institute of Education in London.

She taught in and then became the headmistress of a boarding and day school in Kent.  She then worked in the General Council of the Congregation of Our Lady, Canonesses of St Augustine in Paris and in Rome and also, in London, as President and then General Secretary for the Conference of Religious in England and Wales.  The former post required travel in many countries in Africa, Asia and South America.  During her time with the latter she took part in Delegations to four countries in Central America in support of human rights activists and members of trade unions.

Gabriel did her analytical training as a Jungian Analyst with the Guild of Analytical Psychologists, qualifying in 2001.  Within the Guild she has served for many years on the Training Committee and as a Seminar Leader and continues to support students as their Personal Tutor or as a member of their Review Committee.  She has a private practice in South West London.