Jungian Analysis

The Guild of Analytical Psychologists (G.A.P.) is a Jungian psychotherapy training organisation based in London. The Guild of Analytical Psychology and Spirituality was founded in 1987 by a group of Jungian analysts in response to the need for a therapeutic orientation that would place particular emphasis on the religious and spiritual aspects of Jung\'s works. In 2012, its name was changed to The Guild of Analytical Psychologists (G.A.P.)

G.A.P. is founded on the psychological theories and practice as developed by C.G. Jung, with the emphasis on the religious dimension of the psyche. This was in contrast to the prevailing attitude in the psychological world of the time.  Spirituality is regarded as an integral aspect of the person’s psychological health, having an importance equal to the physical, emotional and mental.

In line with Jung’s approach to psychotherapy, G.A.P. affirmed from the beginning the integrity of the psyche in its search for meaning. Psychological health is seen less as a reductive process into causes and origins, but rather as a purposive search for the transcendent meaning of an individual’s life.